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Resource Groups are Here! (v2.14.40)

At WriteUpp, we are always working on ways to save you valuable seconds in the day. These seconds all add up, helping you to save time, streamline your practice and connect with your clients better. Here, we introduce Resource Groups and how to best utilise them, along with some improvements and minor bug fixes...

New Features

Introducing Resource Groups...

We've added a new option to the sidebar of the diary view, called Resource Groups:

Resource groups give you the ability to group diary resources (your users) together and easily select them from the sidebar in the diary. Allowing you to organise and manage your resources quickly and efficiently, selecting a resource group will populate your current diary view with the resources in that group without having to select each user separately.

Particularly if you have a larger practice and multiple users, you may regularly view the same combination of diaries together, to make it easier to visualise the plan for the day or week ahead. By setting up a resource group containing these users and selecting this group from the sidebar you can switch seamlessly to viewing this group.

New resource groups can be created by clicking on the icon alongside the Resources heading:

Existing resource groups can be viewed by clicking on the icon alongside Resource Groups:

You'll also be able to edit and delete existing groups from here, and see the option to add a new group as well.

You can read more about creating, managing and using resource groups here.


Note and Attachment keywords

We've introduced new validation to both Note and Attachment keywords within Fields, to ensure that it is not possible to deactivate the last remaining note or attachment keyword. This is a necessary field when saving or updating a note or uploading an attachment. If you do not have any active note or attachment keywords, you may experience an issue when saving notes or attachments.

If you are experiencing the "oops something has gone wrong" error when saving notes or uploading attachments, please check if the keyword dropdown on your screen is empty. If so, please open the main menu and go to Fields -> Note Keyword or Attachment Keyword (depending on what you are missing!) and activate or add at least one keyword to use. A site administrator will need to do this. Otherwise, please do reach out to us on live chat and we'll be more than happy to help identify any issues!

Note and document formatting

Recently when printing or emailing/direct messaging a note or document from WriteUpp, text lines have been double spaced on the produced document, instead of single spaced as displayed on screen. This has been addressed, and the spacing is now preserved from what you see on screen to what is produced when the note/document is converted for sending.

The changes made ensure that what you see across all draft, locked, printed and PDF versions of a note or a document should be consistent with how the draft looks on screen in WriteUpp. As we work on consistency across all formats, table lines will also appear in all outputs of a note or a document as well.

Data Import process

We've made some changes to the data import process to make data imports, particularly those involving a large number of clients, more reliable. When importing client demographics, after mapping your client data to the WriteUpp fields and choosing Import, your export will now be queued:

You'll then be taken to a new screen where you'll be able to track the progress of your import:

And see when it has been completed:

As is the case just now, any data rows which fail the validation in place relating to items such as date of birth, email address and mobile number will be deselected when a column is mapped and will not be included in the data which is imported. You'll see any such validation issues highlighted in the grid of your data, with the rows no longer selected for import:

Classic assessment form previews

Classic assessment forms are much older than the more recent Responsive ones, and so they were not always previewing well. Therefore for those of you using these forms, the preview option for classic forms has been removed from Settings -> Assessments. Don't worry though, you can still view classic assessment forms under Create -> Assessments, which works much better!

We'll shortly begin to remove classic assessments forms from the favourite forms list if an equivalent responsive assessment form is available, ahead of classic assessments being phased out. Please ensure that wherever possible, you have switched to using the responsive version of a form.

Bug Fixes

Some users reported an intermittent issue with receiving Stripe payment notifications, with some not appearing in the notifications list when an invoice payment was received. We've added extra checks to this, so users will now receive all Stripe payment notifications that they should, as long as they have them set up.
We have refined the visibility settings of the 'Attended activity' view. Privileged users will no longer be able to view clients they are not responsible for in 'Attended activity' if the 'Visible to responsible user' model is set.
Email addresses containing an apostrophe weren't working when inviting a new user to a site; this has now been fixed.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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