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Next of Kin Communications and other Improvements (v2.16.4)

In this release, we bring you a new feature, which allows you to opt the NoK into patient communications. Read about that and lots of other improvements below!

Key Updates

Opt Next of Kin into patient message communications
Attach the same Third Party to a patient record with different coding information
Remove the Invoice Reference field from saved invoices

New Features

Next of Kin - patient communications

In the Patient tab of the Patient Summary when you edit a patient’s details, you will now see checkboxes below the Mobile and Email fields for the Next of Kin, allowing you to opt them into patient communications.

If you choose to tick these checkboxes for the NoK, then they will receive all appointment communications for the patient. So, if you have the patient opted in to patient communications and also their NoK, then they will both receive any trigger messages relating to the appointment. These may include appointment confirmations, reminders and/or cancellation notifications, depending on what communications you have set up. The NoK will receive an exact copy of the same message sent to the patient.

The checkboxes for opting the NoK into patient communications are separate to the checkboxes for opting the patient in, meaning you can choose to have the NoK opted in but not the patient, or any combination of these.

The checkboxes for choosing to opt the Patient into appointment communications are ticked by default, meaning when you enter a mobile number or email address for the patient, these communication checkboxes get ticked automatically. This is not the case for the NoK, so when you’re adding a NoK mobile number or email address, you must tick the checkboxes below the fields to ensure they get opted in.


Attach multiple records of the same Third Party

In the Patient tab of the Patient Summary, you can attach a third party who has an interest in your patient’s care, such as an insurer or a school.

Prior to this update, if you attached the same third party twice, the information in the first third party would be overwritten by the new information entered when the same third party was attached again. For example, a patient may be given a new authorisation code by their insurer, meaning you have to add the insurer again to update the code, but then this would override the information that was entered when the insurer was first added.

We have now made it possible to attach a third party to a patient profile as many times as you wish and the “coding” information will be saved separately for each third party record. For example, this will allow you to retain the original insurance details, while also adding a new set to use.

When creating an invoice for the patient, you can then select the third party with the correct information. If the same third party has been attached more than once, then they will be ordered in the Payable by dropdown by when they were added. The third party that was attached to the patient profile first will appear first.

If you previously had 2 instances of the same third party attached to a patient record, you will now only see one listed. The "coding" fields on the instance that remains will still contain the same information as was also present on the duplicate. To separate these, you can now add the third party again and move the correct details to the new instance. Going forwards, these will then be treated separately.

Remove the Invoice Reference field from saved invoices

Invoice Ref. is a field that appears below the Invoice Number at the top of your saved invoices. The reference field is pre-populated from what is entered in the Hospital # field on the Patient Summary for the Active Client but this can be edited whilst creating the invoice.

If you do not make use of the Invoice Reference field, then we have now made it possible to remove this field from appearing on saved invoices. Simply head to Invoices -> Layout and untick the Invoice Reference option at the bottom of the list:

The Invoice Reference option is ticked by default

If you untick the Invoice Reference option, then this field will never appear on your saved invoices, even if you enter information into the Reference field whilst creating the invoice.

If you leave the Invoice Reference field ticked, then it will work as it always has. If information is entered into the Reference field, it will appear at the top of the saved invoice. If nothing is entered into this field whilst creating the invoice, then the Invoice Ref field will still appear on the saved invoice, but it will be empty.

In the Activity Views, if you untick ‘Only show Patient related appointments’, we have now added any non-client related appointment types to the Appointment Type dropdown, allowing you to filter by these appointment types too.

Specific ‘Other’ job role in Message templates

If you have your user job role set to ‘Other’ and have a custom role entered, if you use the User Job Role variable in a message template, it will populate the variable in the message with your specific job role. Previously this was being added to a template as ‘Other’, rather than the custom role that was entered.

Play sound on Video Consultations

If you choose to share your screen with a client whilst using the WriteUpp video calling functionality, then the client will now be able to hear any sound playing from your computer. So, for example, if you wish to show the client a video by sharing your screen with them on the call, then they will be able to hear the sound of the video too.

This is only supported if you, the clinician, are using WriteUpp on Chrome or Edge to make the call. It is NOT supported if you are using Safari. The patient can be on any normally supported browser for this to work. Read the following article for more information - Video Consultation browser and operating system requirements.

Warning: You MUST share your screen with the client by selecting the appropriate tab for them to be able to hear the sound. If you share the window or your entire screen instead and play something with sound, it will NOT work.

If you have two factor authentication set up on your WriteUpp account, then you must also enter an authentication code to gain access to your site. You can receive the code through the authenticator app or you can choose to verify via SMS, as a backup if required.

However, to receive an authentication code via SMS, you must have text credits remaining on your account. If you do not, then you will not be able to receive the code via text.

To avoid any confusion, if your text credit balance is 0, you will not see the Verify via SMS link on the login screen. You will have to use the authenticator app to receive the code to log in.

The Verify via SMS link has also been removed from the login screen when logging into the WriteUpp app, if you have no text credits remaining.

If you no longer have access to the authenticator app, you can reset 2FA by following the steps here. You’ll then be able to set it up again to be able to receive the code via the app going forwards, which is covered here.

Verify with SMS removed from OB when text credits are depleted

In Online Booking with verification turned on, if a client uses their mobile number to receive a verification code, then on the next page, they see the ‘Can’t Verify Yourself’ box where they can switch to receive a code via email, if they are experiencing any issues. Similarly, they can switch to enter a mobile number if they are having trouble receiving the verification code via email.

If you have run out of SMS text credits, then the client will be asked to enter an email address to receive the code instead of their mobile number. Prior to this update, on the next page, when asked to enter the code, they would then see the ‘Can’t Verify Yourself?’ box, allowing them to switch to verify with SMS. However, if you had run out of text credits, the client would not receive the SMS code.

We have now removed the ‘Can’t Verify Yourself?’ box from the page in Online Booking where the patient is asked to enter their verification code, if you have 0 text credits. The client will only be able to enter an email address to receive the code. If you want to enable SMS verification for clients, you will need to purchase more text credits under Account Details in WriteUpp.

Xero - Item Date added to Description Field

When viewing an invoice exported from WriteUpp into Xero, we populate the Description field in Xero with the name of the expenses and/or appointments listed on that invoice.

We will now also add the date of the expenses and/or appointments listed on the invoice in WriteUpp into this Description field in Xero when the invoice is exported. We hope this extra information in Xero will help keep your records clear and easy to analyse. - Patient address and gender fields added to scan referral form

When creating a scan referral through the integration, you must now enter details of the patient’s address into the form. The address fields have been added below the patient information fields and must be completed before you can submit the referral.

If the patient has address details entered into their Patient Summary already, then this will be pre-populated into the referral form for you.

Furthermore, a Gender field has also been added to the scan referral form underneath the Last Name field. The gender field has two possible dropdown options - Male and Female. If the gender entered into the Patient Summary exactly matches either of these values, then it will be automatically populated into the form. If the patient gender is different, then this will not be populated into the gender field on the scan referral form and you will have to complete this yourself.

The only gender values accepted by are Male and Female. This has nothing to do with WriteUpp.

Did you know? The gender fields in WriteUpp are completely customisable (read Customising gender options for more information on this).

Bug Fixes

In the admin area of Online Booking under Marketing, you can enter information to be displayed in a large promotion box on your Online Booking website. Previously, the preview for the large promotion box was not displaying the information correctly, as it was pulling text from the Welcome fields instead. We have fixed this and now the preview under marketing matches exactly what will be displayed in the large promotion box on your website.
Assessment PDFs generated as part of an Access Request were stating the create date/time at the top, even if there were multiple versions of the form. This has been addressed and assessment PDFs will now state the last saved date/time if there is more than one saved version of the form.
If you have Healthcode enabled, then when attaching a third party to a patient profile or editing an existing one, you see an extra ‘Cover Number (Healthcode)’ field. This field now has a maximum field length of 50 characters.
If an appointment was booked in the app, the Appointment History recorded that the appointment was booked by the user the appointment was with, even if that wasn’t the case. This has been fixed and now the History Log will correctly state which user booked the appointment, even if this is a different user to who the appointment is with.
There was an error exporting the contents of a list to CSV, this has been fixed. Similarly, since the recent multiple responsible users update, the Responsible columns in Excel exports of a list and the First Name tab of the Patients view were not being exported correctly. This has also been fixed.
On your Online Booking website, when a client searched for an appointment from the homepage, the With dropdown on the booking page would initially list all of your visible users and not just the users who offer that particular treatment. This has been addressed and now the With dropdown on your OB website will always show the correct list of users.
The resource icons in the diary side menu were missing. These have been added back. Use the Resource Groups icon to view your groups and the Resources icon to create a new one.

Get excited about what we're working on...

The ability to edit an uploaded attachment
Multiple Next of Kin contacts for a patient
A new file storage area, allowing you to attach multiple files to an email or a DM

... coming to WriteUpp soon!

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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